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As revenue from print advertising plays a lesser role in your revenue mix, the challenge is to leverage multiple, multichannel subscriber and customer databases. To effectively market more products to more customers and to create new products for clearly defined audience segments.

Now, there's a solution that lets you mine the wealth of opportunity that resides in your audience databases. MediaView, is the first Web-based real-time audience relationship management solution designed for the B2B media industry.

MediaView was developed by Computer Fulfillment, one of the leading B2B fulfillment and database management service providers, to meet the pressing need expressed by so many publishers - to turn disparate multichannel customer data into actionable intelligence. MediaView does this with easy-to-use, intuitive tools that are based on a powerful relational database that enables the integration of all customer files into one resource. This includes (but is not limited to), magazine subscriber data, newsletter subscriber data, event registrants/attendees, website registrants ... and much, much more.

Only MediaView gives publishers the power to:

  • Identify users of one product that may be ideal prospects for another
  • Develop highly targeted audience segments and implement real "one-to-some" marketing
  • Develop aggressive cross-sell strategies based on this multichannel audience intelligence
  • Develop audience profiles and lists to drive product extensions and new product development
  • Realize operational savings by automating data-handling tasks
  • Produce higher data quality -- with fewer duplications and errors

All your audience data.
Across all channels.
In one actionable resource.

MediaView enables you to view your audience and advertiser data in dozens of ways. Look for users of multiple products to find ideal prospects for a new product. Identify high propensity advertisers for targeted selling strategies. Find subscribers of certain product types and cross-sell other relevant products from your portfolio. Incent e-commerce customers to become more frequent customers. MediaView gives you insight into scores of micro and macro revenue opportunities, together with trending data and other invaluable intelligence.

Then, MediaView gives you the means to act quickly, with an email broadcast engine that powers targeted one-to-some marketing campaigns - or by generating clean, high-quality lists for postal mailings. And, MediaView does it all with absolute ease of use and minimal training. From publishers to circulation/audience managers, conference managers to promotion managers, MediaView is the new tool that can help change the way you do business!

Increase efficiency and productivity. Focus on what matters most.

Because MediaView automates many time-consuming data handling and manipulation tasks, it makes people more productive. And not just from the standpoint of saving time. Now, you can focus almost entirely on what really matters; how to leverage all of your audience data to create opportunity for all of your products and lines of business.

And, with MediaView's integrated data management and fulfillment capabilities, results from data queries you specify are delivered seamlessly for use in your email campaigns.

Benefits of MediaView


Integrate all your data across all channels into one actionable resource. With our powerful relational database solution you'll be able to gain a global view of your audience and a competitive advantage over your competition.

  • Increase staff productivity and realize operational savings by automating a wide variety of data-handling tasks.
  • Develop and offer new, higher CPM direct and electronic direct mail targeting capabilities to your advertisers/marketers.


With the time-consuming data-handling and manipulation tasks covered, you and your team can focus on what matters most - leveraging your audience data to create new business opportunities. Identify new audience trends and develop new products to accommodate both your advertisers' and audience needs.

  • Gain actionable insights into relationships among all subscriber and customer lists. Identify best prospects for up-sell, cross-sell and new product offerings.
  • Gain equally actionable insights among all your print and interactive advertiser/marketers lists. Sell more. Sell smarter. Promote more. Promote smarter.
  • Access trending data via analysis of audiences across multiple media types, brands and subscriber types, by title, company or by demographic or geographic categories.


Streamline campaign management. Deploy, track, and analyze print and electronic marketing campaigns right from your desktop. Engage your audience quickly using an email solution that seamlessly accommodates ten or ten million emails. Effortlessly manage bounces and opt-outs with real-time, closed loop updates to your master file.

  • Quickly and easily deploy and track print and electronic direct marketing campaigns. Deploy more targeted campaigns more frequently.
  • Streamline campaign management with precise, efficient control of your data and seamless delivery of data for fulfillment.
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